How Does The Blues Influence Modern Music?

Music today is made up of hundreds of different styles which can be blended together to take a listener on an epic audio journey, however when it comes to Western music almost every genre, from Country to Gospel and all those in between, has its roots in Blues music.

As different as they are from each other most Pop songs today can be traced by to The Blues. Originating with the African-American communities in the 19th century, Blues music was influenced by both European and American styles of music, as well as traditional African music and work songs sung by slaves.

As the music evolved, it became a vital starting point for musicians in every field of music. Today, its influence can be seen in some of the greatest bands in history, due to its uniquely different style. If you’re considering learning how to play Blues, then maybe a bit of information on how it has shaped the music you know and love will help convince you to do so.


The key element to Blues music is rhythm. Without rhythm even the unique “worried notes”  sound flat. Coming from traditional African drum sounds, Blues’ rhythm is a unique blend of pacing and pizzazz.  Hip-Hop borrows a lot from classical Blues music, from guitar riffs to drum beats, but most of all the renowned Blue’s swagger and tone are always included in hip-hop songs.


Although Blues music consists of many instruments, the Guitar is always the vocal point of any band, and Blues created some of the most widely practiced Guitar styles which have clearly been picked eup by popular rock bands today, such as Queen and Black Sabbath.


Anyone who’s listened to a Jazz song can tell you of the importance of the Saxophone and other Horns, but what they might not be able to tell you is that so much of that twang and pitch are almost precisely the same as that used by a Blues Guitar player. Plus, the odd pauses and breaks utilized by Blues players is also included in Jazz, albeit on a much larger scale.


As you can see, The Blues has seeped into many genres of modern day music, and it’s also begin to pop up in other forms of media too, such as the classic Video Game “Blade Runner” the soundtrack of which fits perfectly with the somber and emotional style of the game.

No matter if you’ve never picked up a guitar in your life, or if you’re a professional musician looking for something a bit new, The Blues is a great place to start gathering inspiration, and pouring your soul out through the instruments you play.

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